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Currency Exchange (Central Asia)

The countries of Central Asia are very much cash-only economies. Please bring enough US 
Dollars in cash with you on your trip to cover your entire stay. 

ATMs and Money Exchange

There are only a handful of ATM machines in the major cities, though they can be unreliable. There are no ATMs in smaller cities and rural areas. Credit cards are only accepted in some hotels and in a limited number of shops, therefore a sufficient amount of USD cash of different denominations is highly recommended.

In smaller cities, you will find banking facilities less reliable and may encounter staff that refuse to deal with a currency they are unfamiliar with, for this reason bring US Dollars with you for easy exchange.
It is highly recommended when travelling to towns outside of the major cities that extra care is 
taken when exchanging money. You should only change money at officially authorised currency 
exchanges. We suggest exchanging your money before travelling to remote areas and smaller
towns, as exchange facilities can be limited.

Your National Escort will remind you to do this before departure.

Counterfeit Cash

Counterfeit cash is common in this region. Please bring only fresh, undamaged cash with no blemishes, as these are the only notes that will be accepted for exchange. Notes with any additional markings or notes that are faded are often refused even by official travel exchange offices. Don’t accept any notes that are torn, very faded, a different shade, have ink stamps or any writing on them. If you accept the notes and sign the exchange receipt, then notice a problem later, you will not be able to exchange them.

Ensure you exchange any unspent local currency prior to departure as there are generally no exchange facilities at the international airports.


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