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Shopping (Japan)

Shopping can be a fun and entertaining component to any travel adventure, and Japan is a shopping paradise. In addition to every electronic device you could imagine, there is also a wide range of traditional handicrafts such as bamboo ware, kimonos, silk goods, pottery, wood-block prints and lacquer ware, as well as local food and the most cutting-edge fashion brands. Large cities offer several shopping districts, each with their own unique character, usually grouped around major train stations. Department stores and major shops are open seven days a week, from 10am to 7 or 8pm. Your tour may also include opportunities to shop for local goods and souvenirs.

Japanese department stores are famous for their unparalleled customer service; the constant greeting by the staff is a distinguishable feature and at the time of opening, employees line up neatly to welcome customers.

Wendy Wu Tours, our staff, National Escorts and Local Guides are not qualified nor permitted to guarantee the quality or value of any goods purchased during your holiday. All passengers who make purchases during their holiday must accept responsibility for their decision regarding the item’s value, authenticity, as well as the risk and process of credit card purchases and/or shipping.

It is recommended that you double check any items purchased before leaving the store (the item and any credit card receipts) and if you are having a large item shipped, make sure you take a photo of your purchase and the contact details of the store. We suggest you familiarise yourself with the Japanese Yen coins and notes to make sure you get the correct change.

We encourage all passengers to enjoy their local shopping expeditions but to take care and buy wisely. We cannot assist in returning or refunding goods in any circumstances, including
purchases made at shops or factories which you may visit as part of your tour with us.

Haggling or Bargaining

Haggling or bargaining is not customary in Japan. If it says 1,000 Yen, it means 1,000 Yen and usually will not be discounted.


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