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Whilst on Tour (Southeast Asia)

Every location on the itinerary will be visited, with entrance fees to the main areas included, although the order may change depending on weather, traffic, last minute alterations or other conditions. If you wish to visit places that are not included in the itinerary, you may do so at your own cost, please check in advance with your National Escort or Local Guide. After a day’s
sightseeing, you may sometimes be taken directly to dinner rather than have the opportunity to go back to the hotel to shower and rest first. Whilst out sightseeing, western toilets are difficult to find in remote areas.

National Escorts

Should there be less than 10 people in total within the group, you will NOT have a National Escort; however, you will be met by the local guide on arrival and you will have one in each city you visit on the tour. If you do have a National Escort they will meet you upon arrival and stay with you throughout your tour. On multi-country tours, you will have a different National Escort for each country you visit.

Optional Excursions

A number of optional excursions will be offered by your National Escort/Local Guide whilst on a flexible tour. These can range from US$30-US$150 per person and involve experiences such as Saigon Vespa Tour and learning farming and fishing techniques in Hoi An.

All optional excursions include return transfers and are accompanied by an expert local guide. These excursions are not included in the cost of your tour. Payments will need be collected locally by our representative upon your arrival, once you are happy with your choice of tours.

If you do not wish to take part in any optional excursions, please make arrangements with your guides to enjoy some free time at leisure or to return to the hotel.

Please note that these optional tours are subject to local conditions and might be cancelled at short notice, for example if the weather is very poor or minimum numbers for participation are not achieved. Your national escort will be very happy to assist you with more information if required.

In addition, you will also need to consider additional discretionary tipping for any local guide/vendor/driver who is involved in such activities.