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Whilst on Tour (South America)

Every location on the itinerary will be visited with entrance fees to the main areas included, although the order may change depending on weather, traffic, last minute alterations or other conditions. If you wish to visit places that are not included in the itinerary, you may do so at your own cost, please check in advance with your Local Guide. After a day’s sightseeing, you may sometimes be taken directly to dinner rather than have the opportunity to go back to the hotel to shower and rest first.

Public holidays & Festivals

As our tours visit various countries across an entire continent, there are so many public holidays that we cannot list them all. Some are observed on a regional basis while the important
national days and major festivals are observed across the country. Most of the countries in South America are Catholic and so Christian religious holidays such as Easter and Christmas are of
importance. If your tour coincides with a national or local holiday, you may find that transport and business open hours (e.g. shops or banks) are affected, and you may encounter large crowds.

Optional extras

Several optional extra programmes/activities may be offered by your Local Guide whilst on tour, time permitting. Please feel free to ask your National Escort about any optional touring they may
be planning over the next few days and the approximate cost so you can ensure you have the appropriate funds. All the optional extras must be paid for in local currency. Our philosophy is that
these optional extras are only offered when there is sufficient time available, and they should never compromise the standard sightseeing. It is for this reason that it is difficult to pre-plan the
optional extras because they depend on the time available.

If you do not wish to take part in any optional extras, please make arrangements with your guides to enjoy some free time at leisure or to return to the hotel.

In addition, you will also need to consider additional discretionary tipping for any Local Guide/vendor/driver who is involved in such activities. Please also be aware that it is
likely that the expected tipping in these situations is a fee to undertake the optional activity, plus a tip for the driver/vendor.