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Whilst on Tour (Middle East)

Every location on the itinerary will be visited, with entrance fees to the main areas included, although the order may change depending on weather, traffic, last minute alterations or other conditions. If you wish to visit places that are not included in the itinerary, you may do so at your own cost, please check in advance with your National Escort or Local Guide. After a day’s
sightseeing, you may sometimes be taken directly to dinner rather than have the opportunity to go back to the hotel to shower and rest first. Whilst out sightseeing, western toilets are difficult to find in remote areas.

National Escorts

Should there be less than 10 people in total within the group, you will NOT have a National Escort; however, you will be met by the local guide on arrival and you will have one in each city you visit on the tour. If you do have a National Escort they will meet you upon arrival and stay with you throughout your tour. On multi-country tours, you will have a different National Escort for each country you visit.

Optional Excursions

These may be offered in each city you visit during your tour. These are not included in the standard itinerary and will only be available if time permits and if seats are available. In your Final Documentation an Optional Excursion Sheet will be included outlining the activities available in each city and local cost associated.

Please ensure you have additional funds available if you feel you may wish to participate in any extra activities. Each option will be arranged locally by your National Escort/Local Guide, participation and tipping for optional excursions is completely at your discretion. 

Appropriate Dress

When visiting religious sites, both men and women should dress in conservative, non-revealing clothing. Full-length trousers with a shirt or t-shirt for men; and trousers or skirts well below the knee with a top that covers the shoulders and upper arms for women. Women might also consider carrying a ‘modesty shawl’ in their daypack – this could be a sarong or light scarf – which they can wear over their shoulders and heads to feel more comfortable while sightseeing at religious sites.