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Travel with Consideration (Central Asia)

Tourism can impact the natural, economic and social environment. At Wendy Wu Tours, we are committed to addressing this impact wherever possible without compromising our customers’ experience.

Taking Photos

Always check that it is ok before taking a photograph or video of a local person. Simply indicate to your camera to ask and never take the photograph or footage if someone gestures to say that they do not want you to.

Cameras are not allowed in some sightseeing spots, particularly temples, and government buildings. In most countries in Central Asia, it is illegal to take photos of:

- Government buildings or military sites

- Some monuments

- Officers in uniform

- Some transport facilities, including airports or metro stations (especially in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan)

Dress Appropriately

During your time in Central Asia some countries my have different approaches to modesty, for example Uzbekistan is more conservate when compared with Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. You can opt for wearing trousers with a fitted top and women can opt for a dress that is knee-length.

A ‘modesty shawl’ – either a large shawl or sarong – can be useful to carry in your day bag while sightseeing, to cover up in some places of worship, such as mosques. Your guide will be able to advise you where and when this may be appropriate.