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Transportation (Central Asia)

Road Conditions

Roads have generally improved over recent years, but traffic or weather conditions may extend driving times. Road construction work usually covers an enormous section of the
road (sometimes in excess of 2km).  For this reason, the timings listed in the itinerary are approximations only. There may be sections of road where the surface is comparatively bumpy, but our drivers and guides will do their best to avoid possible delays, changes or in rare cases, cancellations to sections of your itinerary.

Coaches & Seatbelts

Coaches with air conditioning are used on our group tours for city sightseeing, short excursions to the countryside and longer transfers where necessary. It may not always be possible to return to your hotel after sightseeing to freshen up before going to the restaurant for dinner due to long travelling days.

Although many do not wear seatbelts while driving in Central Asia, by law it is compulsory at all times. It is recommended that where seat belts are available in any destination, customers must use them and remain seated at all times whilst the vehicle is moving. 

Domestic Flights

The flight schedule of domestic airlines in this region changes frequently, hence all domestic        flights that appear in your itinerary are always subject to change. Please ensure that all valuables and any medication you may need for the rest of the day are taken on board with you. 

All internal flights are based on economy class, with reputable airlines.

The baggage limit is up to 20kg suitcase + 5kg hand luggage per passenger and bags must be locked. all seats are based on economy class. Group members may not necessarily be seated together. 

Airlines currently do not allow liquids (alcohol, spirits, wine, water, perfume, etc.) or sharp objects to be carried on-board the aircraft and these will be confiscated. Wendy Wu Tours issues all internal domestic flight tickets locally and these will be handled by your National Escort/Local Guide and given to each passenger just prior to their flight.