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Transport (Sri Lanka)

We use a variety of transportation to operate your itinerary at the best pace and to give you an authentic travel experience so you are not always ‘removed’ from the locals.

Coaches & Cars

Our coaches are comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles. Please note that while seatbelts are compulsory by law, the local people largely choose not to wear them. For this reason local operators may or may not have seatbelts hidden underneath protective seat covers. It is recommended that where seatbelts are available, customers should use them and remain seated at all times whilst the vehicle is moving. Wendy Wu Tours cannot guarantee that vehicles will be fitted with operable seatbelts.

For Private Tours and Short Stays/Extensions, we use private, air-conditioned vehicles. The vehicle type and model will vary depending on where you are, but we generally use a Toyota Innova (or similar) with plenty of space for your luggage.

Road conditions and construction

Roads in Sri Lanka have generally been improved over recent years, but traffic and/or weather conditions may extend driving times. Your National Escort/Local Guide will do their utmost to avoid possible delays but cannot guarantee against delays, changes or – in rare cases – cancellations of sections of your itinerary. Road construction work usually covers an enormous section of road - not just one or two kilometres as you may be used to. For this reason, the timings listed in your itinerary are approximations only.

Main and inner-city roads in Sri Lanka have a reputation for being very congested. For this reason, it may not always be possible to return to your hotel after sightseeing to freshen up before going to the restaurant for dinner. 

Taxis/Independent Travel

Before taking either mode of transport independently, agree on the price of the fare and check that you have enough small change as the drivers are unlikely to have much cash on them. Haggling on the fare can be fun, but it’s a good idea to find out from your National Escort or Local Guide how much the fare should be for the journey you propose. You will have to accept paying more than locals.