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Transport (South America)

We use a variety of transportation to operate your itinerary at the best pace and to give you an authentic travel experience so you are not always ‘removed’ from the locals. The same advice applies to all modes of transport. Always carry all valuables with you (a money belt is recommended) and make sure a passenger always remains with your belongings. Keep a lock on your main luggage.

Domestic Flights

Wendy Wu Tours utilises several domestic carriers within South America. Planes are very similar to what you would travel on domestically at home with allocated seats. Depending on flight
duration meals may or may not be provided. Group members may not necessarily be seated together. The flight schedule of domestic airlines within South America change frequently,
and while the utmost care will be taken to ensure your final documents are correct, these are always subject to change. Boarding passes can be collected directly at the airport, upon
check-in. Flights booked will always reflect the best timings to suit the touring itinerary, however due to limited schedules some flights may require very early departures or late arrivals. Direct
flights will be booked wherever possible. Please ensure that all valuables and any medications you may need for the rest of the day are taken onboard with you. The checked luggage limit is 20kg per passenger with 5kg hand luggage, and checked bags must be locked. All seats are economy class. Airlines currently do not allow liquids (alcohol, spirits, wine, water, perfume, etc.) or sharp objects to be carried on-board the aircraft in hand luggage and these will be confiscated.


Our coaches are comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles. It is recommended that where seatbelts are available customers must always use them and remain seated whilst the vehicle is
moving. Wendy Wu Tours cannot guarantee that vehicles will be fitted with operable seatbelts. There will also be some instances where smaller vehicles such as jeeps are used to access certain areas. If this is the case this will be stated in your itinerary.


The Panoramic Peru and Ultimate South America tours will include an exciting train journey through the mountains as part of the itinerary. These are comfortable trains through incredible
landscapes and will be a real highlight of your trip. Your National Escort will try to organise the whole group to be seated in the same carriage but in busy periods of travel this
may not be possible.


Some tours will include taking a boat ride through the rainforest or crossing lakes in
larger cruise vessels. To take part in any boat ride, you need to be of average mobility to be able to climb on and off all these boats unaided and be able to disembark onto makeshift docks without assistance.