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Tipping (China)

Escorted Group Tours

Tipping is customary in Asia as recognition of exceptional service and China is no exception. 

In order to avoid any inconvenience, Wendy Wu Tours operates a tipping policy where a set amount (in RMB in China, HKD in Hong Kong and USD in other destinations) is given to the National Escort who will distribute the amount appropriately throughout your tour. 

On multi-country tours, the tipping amount will be paid in stages on arrival in each country.  If you are travelling in a smaller group with local guides only, then tipping is paid in each destination. To be fair to the guides we ask for slightly higher amounts per traveller with small groups.

The amount for the kitty is calculated for each tour depending on the length, group size and services used during the trip. The tipping kitty will cover drivers, local guides, porters, waiters and sight entry throughout the whole tour. Tipping amounts will be included in your final documents and will specify the exact tipping amount for your group. Porterage to your room is not included.

Additional tipping and luggage porterage to your rooms is at your discretion.

Additional tipping – Yangtze Cruises

Please note that if your tour incorporates a Yangtze River Cruise,  we recommend additional, discretionary tipping which may be paid to the River Guide or Cruise Director based on your satisfaction with services received.


For Independent Travellers, or group passengers with pre/post tour arrangements

The following table gives suggested tipping amounts per person per day:

Country Tour Guide Drivers Hotel Maid and Porterage Restaurants (with no added service charge to the bill)
China US$8-10 US$3-5  US$1-2  10-15%