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Tipping (South Korea)

Tipping is customary in Asia as recognition of exceptional service and South Korea is no exception. 

Escorted Group Tours

Many passengers are often uncertain of how much to tip, so we have established a tipping system whereby every passenger gives a set amount (in US Dollars) to the National Escort who will distribute the amount appropriately throughout your trip. All group tour passengers are expected to contribute to the tipping kitty. (If there is no National Escort, please give the money directly to your Local Guides – the tipping amounts for each city will be shown in your final itinerary.)

The amount for the kitty is calculated for each tour depending on the length, group size and services used during the trip. Your final documents and invoice will specify the exact tipping amount for your group. The tipping kitty will cover local guides and drivers in each city/province, local and/or site guides and your National Escort. Porterage to your room is not included.

Luggage porterage to your rooms is at your discretion.

For Independent Travellers, or group passengers with pre/post tour arrangements

The following table gives suggested tipping amounts per person per day:

Country Tour Guide Drivers Hotel Maid and Porterage
South Korea US$8-10 US$3-5  US$1-2

For restaurants, if no service charge has been applied to the bill, we recommend 10-15%.