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Tipping (Mongolia)

Escorted Group Tours

Tipping while on holiday is common in most parts of the world and Mongolia is no exception. However, it is not always clear who it is appropriate to tip and how much. Furthermore, travellers may not have the right amounts of cash available at the right time.

In order to avoid any inconvenience Wendy Wu Tours operates a tipping policy where a stated amount is given to your national escort at the beginning of your tour and tips are disbursed amongst your main service providers (for example local guides and drivers) throughout your tour. The amount is designed to be at a reasonable level for travellers while being fair to the local people and includes a gratuity for the national escort.

Any other tipping, such as tips for bathroom attendants or hotel porters that are taking luggage to your room, is at your discretion based on satisfaction of services received, as are gratuities for additional requested special services.

We generally find that most customers appreciate the convenience of our tipping policy but we
do recognise that it may not suit everyone. However, as this is a group tour we ask that everyone
follows the same protocol to be fair to other group members and to ensure smooth operation of
your tour.

For Independent Travellers, or group passengers with pre/post tour arrangements

The following table gives suggested tipping amounts per person per day:


Country Tour Guide Drivers Hotel Maid and Porterage
Mongolia US$10 - $20 US$10 - $20 US$2 - $5

For restaurants, if no service charge has been applied to the bill, we recommend 10-15%.