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Shopping (Taiwan)

In keeping with most people’s interest whilst on holiday, your tour will include a reasonable number of opportunities to shop for local goods and souvenirs but this may vary depending on local conditions.

Whilst shopping can be fun and entertaining, Wendy Wu Tours, our staff, Local Guide/s are not qualified nor permitted to guarantee the quality or value of any goods purchased during your holiday. Unfortunately, we cannot assist in returning or refunding goods once you have left the country where you purchased the goods.

It is recommended that you double check any items purchased before leaving the store (the item and any credit card receipts) and if you are having a large item shipped, make sure you take a photo of your purchase and the contact details of the store. We suggest you familiarise yourself with the local currency to make sure you get the correct change.

We encourage all passengers to enjoy their local shopping expeditions but to take care and buy wisely. We cannot assist in returning or refunding goods in any circumstances, including
purchases made at shops or factories which you may visit as part of your tour with us.

Haggling or Bargaining

Haggling or bargaining is not as common in Taiwan as it is in some other Asian countries. However, there are some situations where it is acceptable to negotiate prices, particularly in outdoor markets, night markets, and some smaller shops. In these settings, it is often expected that the initial price offered by the seller will be higher than the final price, and both parties will engage in some back-and-forth bargaining before agreeing on a final price.

However, in larger retail stores and chain stores, prices are usually fixed and negotiating the price is not generally accepted. In addition, it is important to be respectful and polite during any haggling or bargaining, as aggressive or confrontational behavior is not considered appropriate in Taiwanese culture.


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