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Shopping (South America)

Shopping can be a fun and entertaining component to any travel adventure, and South America has a vast array of shopping opportunities for those who love to seek out a bargain. In keeping with most people’s interest whilst on holiday your tour will include a reasonable number of opportunities to shop for local goods and souvenirs.

We are aware that people like to take home souvenirs, so we endeavour to ensure the shops you visit have a reputation for quality, honesty and authenticity. However, Wendy Wu Tours, our staff, and National Escorts are not qualified nor permitted to guarantee the quality or value of any goods purchased during your holiday. All passengers who make purchases during their holiday must accept responsibility for their decision regarding the item’s value, as well as the risk and process of credit card purchase and/or shipping.

It is recommended that you double check any items purchased before leaving the store (the item and any credit card receipts) and if you are having a large item shipped, make sure you take a photo of your purchase and the contact details of the store.

We encourage all passengers to enjoy their local shopping expeditions but to take care and buy wisely.

We cannot assist in returning or refunding goods in any circumstances, including purchases made at shops or factories which you may visit as part of your tour with us.

Haggling or bargaining

In some local shops, markets and street stalls haggling is the accepted way to agree on a selling price. It can be a wonderful way to interact with the locals. Follow a simple rule: enjoy the
thrill of coming away with a good deal after the cut and thrust of haggling, but well-made goods deserve to be sold for a fair price.