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Shopping (Central Asia)

Wendy Wu Tours, our staff, National Escorts and Local Guides are not qualified nor permitted to guarantee the quality or value of any goods purchased during your holiday. All passengers who make purchases during their holiday must accept responsibility for their decision regarding the item’s value and authenticity, as well as the risk and process of credit card purchase and/or shipping.


We want to be able to give you an opportunity to buy souvenirs so we include some stops at 
museums or exhibitions that demonstrates a craft or product unique to that region with pieces 
available to buy. We understand that souvenir hunting is not for everyone so we aim to take you 
to places that hold local interest. We trust you will enjoy these opportunities to learn about local 
arts and crafts and understand their historical and cultural importance.

It is recommended that you double check any items purchased before leaving the store (the item and any credit card receipts) and if you are having a large item shipped, make sure you take a photo of your purchase and the contact details of the store.

Haggling or Bargaining

In local shops, markets and street stalls haggling is the accepted way to agree on a selling price. It can be a great way to save money as well as a wonderful way to interact with the locals. Follow a simple rule: offer half the first price quoted, then bargain to somewhere in between. Always be polite – a smile and some phrases in the local language will get you further than anything else!