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Safety & Security (Japan)

Japan is recognised as one of the most crime free countries in the world, and is considered a safe place for travellers. In saying this, opportunistic petty crime can be a problem anywhere in the world so it is best not to flash your valuables around – keep expensive cameras in their cases when not in use and leave any expensive jewellery at home. Have an awareness of your bag/possessions at all times, especially in crowded areas like train stations. Wearing a money belt under your clothing is recommended. You must carry your passport, as identification, with you at all times.

Do not leave any precious items unattended in your hotel room or on the coach. Lock away any valuables you do not need during the day/evening either in your room’s safe or at reception. We advise you to keep a photocopy of your passport and debit/credit cards in your luggage (separate from the originals). Read more in Suggested Packing List.


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