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Safety and Security (Mongolia)

Mongolia is generally considered a safe country to visit. The crime rate is relatively low, and violent crime is rare. However, as with any country, there are some risks that travellers should be aware of. There is a risk of petty crime such as pickpocketing and theft, especially in crowded tourist areas. Visitors are advised to take normal safety precautions to avoid becoming a victim of such crimes. Please keep in mind that cash or wallets in pockets, obvious jewellery and swinging handbags may attract unwanted attention. Make sure your valuables and cash are secure and inconspicuous. 

Do not leave any valuables unattended in your hotel room. There are safe deposit boxes available at Reception to lock valuables away as most hotels will not have in-room safes. Bring a lock for your main luggage. While sightseeing or travelling between cities, you must carry these valuables with you. 

Take care as a pedestrian. Drivers don't always give way, even at marked pedestrian crossings. Especially in winter and severe weather, black ice can form on footpaths and road crossings, causing surfaces to become slippery.

Be alert in areas with large crowds as public protests and events that draw large groups of people can turn violent. 

Mongolia's weather is extreme. Temperatures vary from 35°C in summer to minus 40°C in winter. Winter lasts from October to March. Snowstorms can also happen outside winter months. Make sure you have adequate clothing and footwear year-round. Weather conditions can change quickly.

Earthquakes, flooding and fires sometimes occur. Follow the advice of local officials and monitor the media for the latest information.