Myanmar (Currency)

The official Myanmar currency is Kyat (pronounced ‘Chat’).

You will need to ensure you exchange all your required currency into US Dollars before arrival. Please be careful when exchanging money from AU/NZ dollars to USD, as only crisp, new USD notes are accepted; any tears or folds in the note will be rejected. This applies for when you are exchanging money into Kyat and also when you are handing tipping money to your guide. Notes:
Kyat 1000, Kyat 500, Kyat 200, Kyat 100, Kyat 50, Kyat 20, Kyat 15, Kyat 10, Kyat 5, Kyat 1.

We do not recommend exchanging money at the airport upon arrival as the exchange rate is not very favourable. There are several authorised money changers in Myanmar who will exchange USD into Kyat. We suggest exchanging notes over USD$50 for more favourable rates. Your National Escort will advise where you can change your USD into Kyat. Please be sure
to keep your receipts as these may be requested by Burmese Customs upon your departure. Most hotels in Myanmar accept credit cards.

Here is a reference table of approximate exchange rates (for up-to-date exchange rates, please check before you travel):

1 unit of current Myanmar MMK
AU$1 1,377
NZ$1 1,281
US$1 2,100

Correct as of December 2023