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Electricity (Taiwan)

The electricity supply in Taiwan is 110 volts, with a frequency of 60Hz. This is different from Australia, which uses 220-240 volts with a frequency of 50Hz.

When Taiwan from Australia, you will need to bring a power adapter to ensure that your electrical devices can be used with the local outlets. The power adapter should be rated for 110 volts and have a Type A (left image) or Type B (right image) plug, which are the standard plug types used in Taiwan. 


To ensure the safety of your electrical devices, you may want to consider bringing a surge protector or using a power strip with surge protection.

Finally, if you are traveling with sensitive electrical equipment such as laptops or cameras, you may want to consider using a voltage converter to ensure that they are not damaged by the difference in voltage between Australia and Taiwan. However, most modern electronics are designed to handle different voltage levels, so this may not be necessary for all devices.


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