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Electricity (South America)

Please see below for information about the electricity in each country. You can buy adaptors, also known as conversion plugs, from hardware, department and duty-free stores. If you are visiting several countries on your tour it might be wise to buy a worldwide adaptor. See the below diagram for different types of adaptors:


Voltage 220V. May use either the standard European rounded two prong plug (Type C), or the 3-prong plug used in Australia (Type I).


Depending on the region, voltage might be 110 V to 220V. Brazil uses many different outlets, some areas use a European round pronged outlet (Type C), others the American two/three pronged outlet (Type A).


Voltage between 115 V and 230 V. Either the European style plug (Type C) or the American (type A).


Voltage 220V. European two prong plug (Type C) as well as a third rounded prong plug (Type L).


Voltage 120V. American two prong plug (Type A).

Costa Rica

Voltage 120V. American two prong plug (Type A).


Voltage 220V. Either the American two prong plug (Type A) or the European (Type C). Many outlets have been designed to accept both types of plug.