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Electricity (China)

There is an electricity supply of 220 volts throughout China. 240-volt appliances will work safely with this supply. The plugs in China are mainly the flat two-pin US (Type A) plugs, or the Australian/New Zealand (Type I) three-pin plug. Less frequently, you may also come across the two round-pin Type C. You can buy adaptors and universal adapters from many hardware and department stores and also from duty free stores at the airport prior to departure.



       TYPE A                                                                  TYPE I

In remote areas of China and Tibet, the electricity supply is uncertain. Many buildings will only have a few hours each day of electricity from either the town’s supply or a diesel generator. Whenever there is limited electricity supply this will also mean limited hot water supply. Remote and village areas may experience power surges or outages, both of which can make re-charging electrical appliances very difficult.