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Eating & Food (South Korea)

All meals are included in our fully inclusive Classic group tours from the groups’ arrival until the day of departure. For private touring or extensions, please refer to your itinerary for inclusions.

Our schedule of meals is designed so that you can experience the local dishes, their individual flavours as well as the different ways they are prepared and cooked throughout Korea.

Korean cuisine is delicious, colourful and healthy. Meals are usually served with a bowl of rice and a bowl of soup and consist usually of banchan (side dishes) including Kimchi (seasoned and fermented vegetable), fish and meat. Most food is eaten with chopsticks so best get practicing as cutlery is not always available at restaurants. Korean food is generally hot and spicy compared to Chinese and Japanese cuisine. We recommend that when it comes to South Korean food, you stay open minded and try to be adventurous! 

It must be said that, unlike other countries, its common that restaurants in South Korea specialize in just 1-2 dishes only. If you want a coffee, then you must go to a coffee shop. If you want a dessert, then you must go to a dessert shop. 

You may like to drink beer, wine, soft drinks, fruit juice or bottled water with your meals – please note drinks are not included in your tour price so payment for these is made directly to the restaurant staff. Green tea is often provided complimentary at restaurants. 

Breakfast is served in the hotel and usually includes western dishes. Lunches and dinner is feature a wide selection of high-quality Korean and Western dishes. We find this style of dining suits the wide and varied tastes of our customers. You may even find that there is too much food, to which we suggest you eat as much or as little as you like.

On some days where lots of sights are covered, dinner times may be early and your tour group may head directly to the restaurant after sightseeing without stopping at your hotel to freshen up.

All the restaurants we visit will be researched and inspected regularly to ensure that they follow the strictest health, cleanliness, and safety guidelines. 


Tap water in South Korea is safe to drink. We always recommend bottled water as a first option when in a foreign country. Some hotels provide free bottled water in your room. Bottled drinking water, soft drinks and beer are widely available and affordable.

Dietary Requirements

Those with dietary requirements will be catered for - just make sure to inform your booking agent of any specific requirements well in advance of your trip. Please be aware however that restaurants may not always be able to accommodate these. Wendy Wu Tours cannot guarantee that there will be no cross-contamination for travellers with severe allergies, and suggest you remind each restaurant of your requirements. Gluten-free food may not be as readily available as in Australia. 

Whilst travelling away from major cities, it is highly recommended that passengers with food intolerances take additional food items, as not all dietary requests will be met due to the limited foods available.