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Currency & Spending Money (Middle East)

ATMs & Money Exchange

ATMs are widely available throughout the Middle East with the exception of the small towns, and debit and credit cards are widely accepted. 

We recommend bringing a mixture of cash and credit/debit card. US Dollars and Australian Dollars can be exchanged at International Airports and in some hotels, provided the currency is new and undamaged. 

It is highly recommended when travelling to towns outside of the major cities that extra care is 
taken when exchanging money. You should only change money at officially authorised currency 
exchanges. We suggest exchanging your money before travelling to remote areas and smaller
towns, as exchange facilities can be limited.

Your National Escort will remind you to do this before departure.

Egypt - The local currency is the Egyptian Pound (EGP). Cash machines are common, especially in the main tourist areas. Travellers’ cheques are not easily cashed. Major hotels will usually accept payment by credit card. However, smaller hotels may expect payment in cash and in hard currency.

Jordan - The local currency is the Jordanian Dinar (JOD). Cash machines are available throughout Amman and in other major towns and cities. ATMs are less widely available in rural areas, though most petrol stations on major roads offer ATMs.

Israel - The local currency is the Shekel (ILS). There are ATMs in Israel and Jerusalem that accept international cards.

Saudi Arabia - The local currency is the Saudi Riyal (SAR). There are ATM machines widely available and credit cards are widely accepted throughout Saudi Arabia.

Here is a reference table of approximate exchange rates (for up-to-date exchange rates, please check xe.com before you travel).

1 unit of currency EGP JOD ILS SAR
AU$1 20.25 0.464  2.43 2.45
NZ$1 18.85 0.432 2.26 2.28
US$1 30.92 0.709 3.71 3.75

Correct as of December 2023  

Personal Expenses & Optional Tours

You will need to take some extra money to cover drinks, souvenirs or optional activities that may be offered to you. Based on the advice of previous customers an approximate amount of AUD$250AUD per person, per week is recommended.

Optional Tours may be offered in each city you visit during your tour. These are not included in the standard itinerary and will only be available if time permits and if seats are available. This will be arranged locally by your National Escort/Local Guide. Participation and tipping for optional excursions is completely at your discretion. Please ensure you have additional funds available if you feel you may wish to participate in any extra activities.