Currency (Bolivia)

The local currency is the Bolivian boliviano (BOB), it includes denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 bolivianos. 

The US dollar is also widely accepted in Bolivia, especially in tourist destinations and larger cities. However, the exchange rate for the US dollar is not always favorable, so it is often best to exchange your currency for Bolivian Bolivianos at a bank or exchange bureau.

It is important to note that some businesses in Bolivia may only accept cash payments, so it is a good idea to have some Bolivian Bolivianos on hand. You can also use a credit or debit card to make purchases in Bolivia, but there may be a foreign transaction fee associated with your card.

When you withdraw money from an ATM in Bolivia, the machine will automatically convert your money into Bolivian bolivianos (BOB). The exchange rate used by the ATM may not be the best available, so it is a good idea to compare rates before you withdraw money.

Here is a reference table of approximate exchange rates (for up-to-date exchange rates, please check before you travel):

1 unit of current Bolivian Bolivianos (BOB)
AU$1 4.53
NZ$1 4.21
US$1 6.90

Correct as of December 2023