China Physical Visa Instructions & Application Form

Please review the different instructions for each state and territory. Please note that you need to attend the Visa Centre in person.

All Wendy Wu group tours include the China Visa assistance fee*, unless you have opted to arrange this yourself. For private tours or short stays, the visa may not be included, so please refer to your invoice. 

* Please note: the assistance fee is separate to the visa fee. The visa fee of $94.50 must be paid directly to the Visa Service Centre of your residential state or territory. See below for more information.

We require the documents listed below to apply for your visa. Visa documents are due between 75 days prior to travel and no later than 60 days prior to departure. Due to lengthy processing times, applications from any state or territory will not be accepted within 45 days of departure. 

Please contact us on 1300 727 998 or email if you were born in Hong Kong.


Note: In addition to holding a valid tourist visa, there are other entry requirements for China. Please see Entry Requirements (China) for more information.


Important information: in person attendance required

You will be required to visit your relevant state or territory's visa service centre in person, twice (usually 3 - 4 days apart).

Please note that you must visit the Visa Service Centre designated to your state/territory, even if this is not the closest centre to your home address. For example, Lismore residents will need to travel to Sydney.

Please note that postal applications are only available in extenuating circumstances, and only in some states/territories. Currently, NSW, SA and VIC do not accept postal applications unless you are over 70 years of age or reside in Tasmania.


The below information is specific for Australian passport holders. Non-Australian passport holders may have different or additional requirements. In some cases, we may not be able to process your visa application. 

What we need from you 

The following items are required to be sent to our Sydney office per applicant via email or post:

  • 1 x coloured scan of passport bio page
  • 1 x completed visa application form per person
  • 1 x coloured scan of an original professionally-taken photo (see photo requirements below).
  • Land only bookings - full flight itinerary
  • If any additional arrangements booked separately to Wendy Wu Tours - full detailed itinerary (including dates and addresses of any additional accommodation)

Please email scans to OR you can post the documents listed above to our office:

Attn: Wendy Wu Tours Visa Department

Level 8, 92 Pitt Street

Sydney NSW 2000

02 9224 8888


Please do not send us your physical passport.

Photo Requirements:

  • One professional photo. Standard size is 48mm high x 33mm wide
  • “Professional” means taken by a photographer. Home versions won’t be accepted. Photos can be obtained from any post office, photographer or photo kiosk.
  • Photograph must be no more than 6 months old. The photograph cannot match your passport photo
  • Must be printed in colour on high quality paper, with no ink or marks on the image.
  • Plain, light-coloured background (i.e. white).
  • Original coloured photo is required, no copies of any kind.

For more information about the photo requirements, please see The People's Republic of China's Department of Consular Affairs' website, available by clicking here

Basic Application Requirements:

  • Passports must have a minimum of 6 months validity left, from the date of your arrival back into Australia.
  • Passports must have two blank facing visa pages.
  • You will need to take a photocopy of your passport bio-page to the visa service centre.
  • All details must be written exactly as they appear in your passport.
  • Printed application forms must be printed on A4 white paper only.
  • Printed application forms must be filled in using blue or black pen only and be clearly legible.
  • Only use the visa application form that has been provided to you by Wendy Wu Tours.
  • If you have arrangements not booked through Wendy Wu Tours that will affect your visa, then please provide a detailed travel itinerary issued by a travel agent, airline or cruise company which includes your full name, the dates and places of entry and exit as well as the mode of transport to be used.
  • An up-to-date VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) is required for all non-Australian passport holders applying for a visa with Wendy Wu Tours. This document shows that an applicant can travel overseas and re-enter Australia. A VEVO can be obtained via: 
  • New Zealand passport holders who reside in Australia will also need their Special Category Visa (SCV) number. Please see the Department of Immigration's website for details as to how to obtain this: 
If you have a criminal record, please contact us for more information about the additional documents you may need to provide.

What happens next

Once we have received and reviewed your application, Wendy Wu Tours will submit the visa application form on your behalf to the China Visa Service Centre of your residential state or territory.

Residents of Tasmania need to apply through the Victorian service centre, based in Melbourne.

Residents of the Northern Territory need to apply through the ACT service centre, based in Canberra.

Wendy Wu Tours will print and post a copy of the completed application form to you via Express Post, along with a mock tour itinerary (your actual itinerary may differ), flight e-tickets (if booked by us) and invitation letter. You will need to sign the application form in two places, which we will mark for you.

Please sign the application form and keep all of the documents in a safe place.

You will need to visit your state or territory's Chinese Visa Application Service Centre in person to submit your visa application. Please take all the documents we sent you, along with your passport and a photocopy of your passport, to the Visa Application Service Centre. If you are a non-Australian passport holder, you will also need your SCV number (NZ citizens only) or VEVO (other non-Australian citizens).

As of mid December 2023, appointments are no longer required. The visa application submission times are listed below.


Please see below for your relevant Visa Service Centre's address:

ACT and NT:  Suite 201, Level 2, Canberra House, 40 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra

NSW: Level 16, 59 Goulburn Street, Haymarket

VIC and TAS: Ground Floor, 570 St. Kilda Rd, Melbourne

SA: Suite 1.2, Level 1, 33 King William Street, Adelaide

QLD: Level 4, 140 Ann St, Brisbane City

WA: Ground Floor, 256 Adelaide Terrace, Perth (entrance via Victoria Ave)


Please see below for your relevant Visa Service Centre's submission and collection times:

ACT and NT:  Visa submission weekdays 9am - 2pm. Visa collection weekdays 9am - 2pm.

NSW: Visa submission weekdays 9am - 2pm. Visa collection weekdays 9am - 3pm.

VIC and TAS: Visa submission weekdays 9am - 2pm. Visa collection weekdays 9am - 3:30pm.

SA: Visa submission weekdays 9am - 1pm. Visa collection weekdays 9am - 2:30pm.

QLD: Visa submission weekdays 9:30am - 1:30pm. Visa collection weekdays 10am - 1pm.

WA: Visa submission weekdays 9am - 1pm. Visa collection weekdays 1pm - 3pm.

Note: you will be required to pay the visa fee upon collection.


Upon arrival:

1. Obtain a queue number for submitting your application. Wait for your number to be called.

2. Submit your signed application form at the counter, along with your passport and a photograph of your passport biopage.

3. Your photograph and fingerprints may be taken.

4. You will need to pay $94.50 for a single-entry visa. Additional charges apply for double or multi-entry visas. Please note that most centres will only accept payment by card (cash and cheque payments not accepted).

5. Receive a pick-up form, which details the date you can expect your application to be ready for collection. Do not lose this form, as it is required to collect your visa at a later date.


Collecting your visa:

1. The date for collecting your passport and visa is shown on the form issued to you on the date of submission. Generally, processing time is 4 business days (subject to change). If there is any delay to your processing time, the Visa Centre staff will notify you in advance.

2. Please make your way to the Centre to collect your visa and passport.

Please visit Smart Traveller for the latest information on China's entry requirements:


Last updated April 2024