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Cameras and Recording Devices (India, Nepal & Bhutan)

Many sites in India, Nepal and Bhutan charge an additional fee for using a camera or video camera inside – these fees are not included in the tour cost. Please consider that these charges may pay for the accumulative, long-term damage of camera flashes, or are intended to deter tourists from using camera flashes and hence aim to prevent this damage. These fees can cost more than the original entrance fee; you can expect to pay up to US$2 for cameras and US$7 for video cameras at most sites. At some sites, camera and/or mobile phones are not allowed and must be left in the cloakroom.

Bring a spare rechargeable battery, or supply of replaceable batteries for your camera/s as it is hard to find genuine and reliable brands in India. You should also bring a spare digital memory card/stick from home as those sold around tourist sites and markets in India are often fakes or damaged. 

Taj Mahal - There are no camera fees at the Taj Mahal, however there are restrictions on the use of video cameras (they can only be used from the initial viewing platform, and cannot be taken closer to the building, however lockers are available for storage).

The Taj Mahal has strict regulations regarding what you are allowed to take into the site and your guide will explain these in more detail. They include restrictions on items used for smoking (lighters, matches etc), any tobacco items (cigarettes, cigars etc), mobile phone chargers and any electrical goods (excluding cameras). Lockers are available at the entrance of the monument at an additional cost or you can leave these items on the bus.

Satellite phones and drones

Please be aware that carrying satellite phones and/or drones is not permitted in Bhutan. Please do not bring these items with you.