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Accommodation (Sri Lanka)


Group tour hotels are mainly local three to four star standard and located conveniently in the city, or near markets or shops. All rooms will have private western bathroom facilities, television, air-conditioning and a telephone. Plumbing and electricity supplies can be erratic and quite often the power in hotel rooms is turned off while guests are out of the room. It is not customary for hotels to have in-room fridges or tea/coffee making facilities. If an in-room safety deposit box is not provided, please use the security boxes at reception. Most hotel rooms do not have irons or boards, but most will offer a laundry service that can launder your clothes (typically in 24hrs) for a small fee. Usually check out time is 11am and check in time is 3pm. Please keep this in mind on the days when you are travelling between cities as it may result in a delay of access to your room, or a change of itinerary. Delays due to previous night’s guests are out of our control. Hotels cannot guarantee late checkout.

Double beds are subject to hotel inventory and cannot be guaranteed.

Hotel List - You will receive your hotel list with final documents sent to you 2-3 weeks prior to travel. A sample list of hotels can be found on each tour's website. 

Hotel ratings

Countries throughout the world adopt various classification systems for hotels in accordance with their chain name and the type of hotel. No international classification system exists. Typically, a three-star Sri Lankan rated hotel cannot be compared to a three-star Australia/New Zealand rated hotel. Attempts at unifying the classification system have been made so that it becomes an internationally recognised and reliable standard. However, differences do exist in the quality of accommodation which plays an integral part in defining which hotel category the specific accommodation fits into. Your accommodation can range from a business hotel in a city to a family-run guesthouse in a smaller town. Please be advised that all hotels used by Wendy Wu Tours are regularly inspected by our staff and our operators so that a good standard of quality and safety are maintained.


All hotels used on our tours have easily accessible Wi-Fi.