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Accommodation (Mongolia)

Your accommodation has been selected for convenience of location, comfort or character. In
remote areas, accommodation may be of a lower standard and may not have western amenities.
Hotels are generally rated as local three to four-star standard, but do please note that there is no
international classification system for hotels and differences in facilities and quality do exist
between the Australia and Mongolia. If you experience any difficulty, please speak to your
National Guide.

The group tour hotel in Ulaanbaatar has private western bathroom facilities, air conditioning, TV
and a telephone. Plumbing and electricity supplies can be erratic and quite often the power in
hotel rooms is turned off while guests are out of the room.


Check-out time in Mongolia is generally 12:00. Please keep this in mind on the days when you are travelling between cities as it may result in a delay of access to your room or a change of itinerary to allow for this delay. Our office in Mongolia will inform the hotels of your expected arrival time, but occasional delays due to last night’s guests checking out at midday are beyond our control.

Double beds are subject to hotel inventory and cannot be guaranteed.

Hotel List - You will receive your hotel list with final documents sent to you 2-3 weeks prior to travel. A sample list of hotels can be found on each tour's website. 

Ger camps

Gers are the traditional home of nomads across Mongolia. They are made from a wooden frame and layers of felt and canvas erected on a wooden platform. The interior is filled with warm fabrics and furs as well as ornate wooden furniture. Ideally suited to Mongolia’s nomadic way of life and harsh weather, the Ger has been the most popular dwelling for hundreds of years. Gers are also known by the Russian name ‘yurt’.

Each Ger will consist of two or three single wooden beds, linen, and a stove for heating purposes, a thick blanket, one electrical socket and a low bearing table and chairs. Please note that your accommodation at the ger camps is in traditional gers, with shared bathroom facilities.

The gers have locks and a power supply of 220V or 60A. However, the supply of electricity is limited, as is the supply of hot water. Showers are available, however the camp may have enough power to heat water for five or six people only, so the members of your group should keep this in mind and plan ahead for showers. It is recommended to advise staff at least an hour before you intend to shower as hot water will need to be boiled for you.

Cafes and communal areas are also located within the camp grounds. Most of the Ger camps we
use will also have a laundry service available, at a small additional cost. Staying in a Ger will allow you to experience the most unique and intrinsic aspect of the nomadic life in Mongolia. Although they are not luxurious, they do offer comfortable accommodation while we travel through the most remote regions of the country.